READy remote reading results in less water waste and fewer water damages

Gl. Hørning Vandværk (Old Hørning Water Utility), Denmark
Solution: 2200 water meters with a READy system for remote reading

Gl. Hørning Water Utility has drawn great benefits from Kamstrup’s automated meter reading system, READy. The utility is currently testing the upgraded version, READy 1.4 Fixed Network, and – as a result – expects to save even more time reading meters and to be able to provide even better service to their customers.

The water utility used to send out yearly meter reading cards in December, but many customers missed the January 1 deadline, and approximately 10% of the customers never actually read their meter. Consequently, Utility Manager, Kim Søe Jensen, spent all of January writing, calling and driving around to collect the outstanding metering data. The upgrade to READy 1.4 enables Gl. Hørning Water Utility to carry out remote meter reading via an installed communications network. Antennas mounted in the supply area send data directly to the water utility on a daily basis. The network solution also leads to earlier detection of leakages and overconsumption. This enables the customers to react quicker resulting in less water waste and fewer water damages.

Leak detection leads to excellent customer service

READy has also significantly improved the level of customer service that the water utility can provide their customers. By visualising leakages or overconsumption, READy ensures that action can be taken immediately, so the customers save both water and money. With READy 1.4, it only takes about 15 minutes each morning for the Utility Manager to check the data overview and discover potential leakages based on the info codes. He then calls customers with irregular consumption or potential leakages. In most cases, the leakages turn out to be something like a runny toilet or a garden hose left on by mistake.

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