Denmark has the know-how and some of the best high-tech solutions for limiting Non-Revenue Water


For many years the partner companies of LEAKman have worked separately to bring down Non-Revenue Water levels world-wide. Now, we work as one in the LEAKman joint partnership.

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Achieving sustainable water management should be the aspiration of every utility company worldwide. Besides the environmental aspect, sustainable water management is simply good business.

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Project timeline

See proces progressions and milestones on this roadmap for the full-scale implementation of Non-revenue water solutions in the LEAKman project.

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Latest News

Intelligent pressure management provides utility company with many advantages

In Copenhagen, Denmark, the local utility company Frederiksberg Forsyning has invested in intelligent pumps and ...
Rosa Marie Mathiasen, engineer at NIRAS, has already been testing the tool on a sample of approximately 100 meters in Malaysia and 800 meters in Oslo.

Data Crunching tool provides meter data validation for water utilities

Experiences from Malaysia and Oslo demonstrate how useful a new online tool, the meter data ...
The technician is twisting the valves to see if it is open or not, and then Jonas compares it to the models calculations.

Utilities can optimise operations with temperature data

As a part of the LEAKman project, Ph.D.-student Jonas Kjeld Kirstein is working on a ...