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NRW-levels reduced from as high as 45% to 10% within one year in Al Ain city, replacement of valves reduces water losses with 10% in Romania and in Hørning, Denmark automated reading increases…

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Achieving sustainable water management should be the aspiration of every utility company worldwide.  Water is a scarce and valuable resource under increasing stress, and the benefit of sustainable water management…

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For decades, each of the LEAKman partners has delivered solutions and ideas within their specific field of expertise. The unique thing about LEAKman is that we work as one to…

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Two leaks quickly identified in demonstration area

Two leaks quickly identified in demonstration area

In the demonstration area of Klampenborg noise loggers proved helpful at once. Knowledge and technology combined by the LEAKman joint ...
LEAKman professionals instaling noise loggers

LEAKman demonstration facilities continues

Noise loggers have been implemented in the water supply network of Klampenborg The LEAKman project is advancing. In recent weeks ...

HOFOR Reduced Leakage To A World Record Level

Among multiple speakers Ole Skytte, one of the Leakman partners, did a presentation at the The 8th Global Leakage Summit ...

ILIs in Denmark 2014

A customised version of the European Water balance and PI free software EurWB&PICalcs was used with the individual system characteristics ...

Improving Denmark’s Dynamic Water Sector

Blessed with large quantities of groundwater, utilities in Denmark even hold a grand prix to select the best tasting water ...

LEAKman mentioned in “The Source”

Denmark: a living lab for water solutions - The Source Danish water utilities have some of the world’s lowest water ...

Automated meter reading saves time and increases service quality in Hørning

READy remote reading results in less water waste and fewer water damages Gl. Hørning Vandværk (Old Hørning Water Utility), Denmark ...

Pressure optimisation in the distribution network saves energy

Extend the lifetime, reduce leakage losses and save energy Increased knowledge about the pressure and pressure surges in the distribution network ...

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