Water consumption on a global scale is estimated to increase by up to 30% by 2020 according to the United Nations. This will lead to an even greater supply gap for countries already facing water stress. In order to meet the future demand for water, a strong focus on efficient water management, operation and not least reducing Non-Revenue Water is needed.

Today, 25-50% of all distributed water globally is lost or never invoiced due to illegal connections, inaccurate billing systems, inaccurate metering, leakages, deteriorating infrastructure and wrong water pressure management etc. This is all in all called Non-Revenue Water (NRW).

In addition to the environmental consequences, neglecting to reduce Non-Revenue Water has a serious impact on the financial viability of water utilities due to revenue losses and unnecessarily high operating costs. In order to bring down and maintain a low level of NRW, several aspects need to be addressed – from the initial planning phase to the day-to-day operations as well as the use of high-quality installations and good workmanship.


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