Leif Koch – the leading experts in reducing non revenue water in Scandinavia

Leif Koch is a highly specialized company, which deals mainly with the detection and localization of leaks in buried water pipes. In Denmark Leif Koch is the eldest and most experienced company in the field of leakage detection with more than 40 years of experience.

Today, Leif Koch serves national and international water works, utilities and industries. Both in Denmark and abroad you will find an increasing demand in solutions to reduce non revenue water.
Leif Koch offers detection and localization of leaks in buried water pipes, consultancy in reducing non revenue water, selling instruments for leakage detection, and courses in using the instruments. The company also searches for hidden pipes and valves, controls their functions, and adjusts the map of the network.

In 2009 the company developed an internet based online tool ALMOS LEAK. The advanced software algorithms interpret the information in the online program received from the sensitive noise loggers recording the volume and the frequency of the noise in the pipes. In this way, you will be able to check the condition of the water distribution network from you computer and plan our further detection and repairing of possible leaks.

Using leakage detection techniques for precise localization of leakages on the pipelines means both water and money saved.

Leif Koch remains up to date on the latest instruments and technologies, and the staff is continuously trained and equipped.

Daily Contacts

Jan Kroeze

Jan Kroeze Title: CFO Company: Leif Koch A/S E-mail: jk@leifkoch.dk

Jørgen Würtzner Koch


Title: Steering Committee and CEO

Company: Leif Koch

E-mail: jwk@leifkoch.dk

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