HOFOR  is the largest utility company in Denmark in our core business areaswater supply, wastewater management, district heating, district cooling and gas supply. We also build wind turbines. One million Danes (20 % of the total Danish population) depend on our supplies.

The company is owned by 8 municipalities, and the City of Copenhagen owns 73 per cent of the company. Our supplies are regulated by law, which e.g. means that our profit and expenses must balance over time.

We focus on sustainable supply, renewable energy, adjustment to the climate changes and improved handling of extreme rain. The aim of our activities is to create sustainable cities – in cooperation with municipalities, other companies and our customers. Most Danes live in cities, and Greater Copenhagen Utility has a special responsibility for creating sustainable future supply systems fitting both future needs in the population, climate changes and the design of future cities.

Daily Contact

Ole Skytte

ole_s Title: Head of Division Company: HOFOR E-mail: olsk@hofor.dk

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