Baseline Analysis of Water Supply Data Excel Tool

Collection of monitoring data from water distribution networks can have several bene ts. However, often substantial knowledge of the underlying mechanisms are needed, before proper conclusions can be drawn from the analysis of measurement results. It is the aim of this paper to establish a tool that can help to do a simple pre-analysis of the raw data obtained from data loggers in water distribution networks. The
aim of the “Baseline Analysis of Water Supply Data Excel Tool” is to give the user the opportunity to generate:

1) raw plots of the obtained data ;

2) average/group the data in a user-chosen interval and plot these new results; and

3) make plots of the weekly water consumption based on a user chosen period.

The realization of all three aims occured with real ow measurements from the water distribution network of Halsns Forsyning.

Read the full report here: Baseline Analysis of Water Supply Data (BAWSD)

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