LEAKman professionals instaling noise loggers

Noise loggers have been implemented in the water supply network of Klampenborg

The LEAKman project is advancing. In recent weeks 125 noise loggers have been implemented in the water supply network of Klampenborg. This network is a part of the utility company Novafos and one of four sections being transformed into state-of-the-art demonstration facilities on Danish leakage management solutions.

During spring 2017 nearly 400 noise loggers in total will be implemented across the four demonstration areas in the northern capital region of Copenhagen – Klampenborg, Gentofte South, Mileparken and Hanevad. Here the solutions of LEAKman will be implemented full scale on a total of 95 kilometers of main pipes.

The noise loggers are the first instruments to be installed and offers wireless reporting on possible leaks based on sound detection.

Next up: Smart Meters

The partners of the LEAKman project have planned and prepared the software solutions for the facilities. Now the time has come to install the hardware which generates data for the integrated leakage management solution and IT systems like HOMIS and Aquis.

The next step in the project is to install smart meters at customer sites. This will enable detailed remote meter readings which are expected to provide the utility company with unique information on the daily operation and state of the network including improved water balance analysis and defects detection.

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Partnership creates synergies

During implementation of  noise loggers the LEAKman partners Leif Koch and AVK have encountered challenges regarding the design of existing valves. Often the valve cover would leave no room for the noise logger, and while typically made of cast iron the valve cover itself would result in poor signal strength for the radio signals of the logger.

The solution has been to design new valve covers that match the noise loggers. The new valve covers have room for a noise logger and are made of composite material and therefore permeable for transmitting the radio signals. The redesigned valve covers have made implementation of loggers a lot easier and improved the signal and lifetime of batteries.

Noise logger equipment for Leakage Management

Facts about LEAKman

  • LEAKman is Initiated to demonstrate Danish solutions for limiting losses from drinking water systems and pave the way for new technology. The goal is to make the best state-of-the-art leakage management solution.
  • The project is supported by The Danish Ministry of Environment and Food. Danish Eco-Innovation Program.
  • The process of establishing four full scale demonstration facilities in the capital region of Copenhagen runs from 2016-2019 with an overall budget of  43 mill. DKK. (5.7 mill. EUR).
  • The full scale implementation covers 4,800 consumers supplied with 1.2 mill. m3 of water each year.