Smart meter installation
An employee from the utility company and LEAKman partner Novafos is in the process of installing an end-user smart meter.

No more manual meter readings. No more estimated calculations. And no more time-consuming follow-ups on inaccurate or even missing readings. With smart meters installed at end-users the LEAKman project is one step closer to completion of the state-of-the-art water distribution network.

A total of 2,300 smart meters have been installed at end-user connections within two water supply networks in northern Copenhagen. The hardware installation was completed in late 2017 by professionals from the utility company Novafos.

Thanks to the new smart meters, it will now be possible to automatically collect data containing detailed meter reading from all remote end-user points. In near future, the smart meters will warn the utility company about leaks, variations in temperature, tampering of the meters, back flows (defect non-return valve) and enable online monitoring of the water balance in the District Metering Areas (DMAs).

World class water distribution networks

The meter installation is the latest phase of the LEAKman project. The utility companies Novafos and HOFOR are two of nine market leading Danish players in the LEAKman joint partnership. The utility companies have designated four districts to be full-scale demonstration areas.

In these areas in northern Copenhagen state-of-the-art technology and knowhow is being implemented full-scale to create world class water distribution networks for demonstration of Danish leakage management solutions.

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Now, with 2,300 smart meters in place across the two Novafos-DMAs, the utility avoids manual meter readings, estimated calculations and time-consuming follow-ups on inaccurate or even missing readings where disturbing the end-users used to be necessary. But not anymore.

Simply smart

The 2,300 smart meters are delivered by another LEAKman partner Kamstrup. The meters are of ultra-sonic type and have no mechanical parts, they are smaller than the old meters and they have an advantageous battery lifetime – up to 16 years. Thus, Novafos and HOFOR will be up to date at all times with unique and detailed information on the daily operation and network status.

During spring and summer of 2017, nearly 400 permanently deployed noise loggers were implemented across the LEAKman demonstration areas. Now, with smart meters installation completed as well, the next step is to establish antenna sites in order to transmit data from the DMAs to the centralized data repository administrated by the Kamstrup READy system.

This will help to ensure new standards when it comes to reducing non-revenue water levels and risk of possible collateral damages from leaks.

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More about the LEAKman demonstration facilities

  • The water supply networks in northern Copenhagen designated to the LEAKman project are Klampenborg and Gentofte South from Novafos. From HOFOR – Greater Copenhagen Utility – the sections Mileparken and Hanevad undergo the same development.
  • Project status: In Klampenborg, Gentofte South and Mileparken noise loggers, managed by the system ‘Almos Leak’ by Leif Koch, have been implemented and the setup’s deliverance of results is now ongoing.
  • Installation of smart meters is completed in Gentofte South and in progress in Klampenborg and Mileparken.
  • Novafos as well as HOFOR are working to establish antenna sites for the smart meters. Harvest of data is presumed to commence in Q1 2018.
  • Data from noise loggers and end-user smart meters are integrated in the online management information system, HOMIS, that automatically updates and reports key performance indicators on a daily basis.
  • The instrumentation also includes establishment of intelligent pressure controlled valves and pumps.
  • About the smart meters from Kamstrup: Besides from measuring flow the smart meters also allows registration of water temperature (during flow), ambient temperature, tampering alarm, leak alarm (the meter never goes to zero), burst alarm (the meter is constantly measuring a high flow) and battery alarm.
smart meters
The smart meters delivered by Kamstrup have no mechanical parts, they are small and with an advantageous battery lifetime – up to 16 years.