Novafos and HOFOR staff will optimize leakage levels in the demonstration areas now covered by LEAKman high-end technologies. The areas will also be used as innovation-labs for tests and analysis of different leakage management solutions and strategies.

The demonstration facilities are set up using state-of-the-art tools and techniques in order to test, verify and optimize leakage management solutions with the goal to reduce NRW-levels to 4-6 %, and maintain that level.

The approach will follow the best practices as recommended by IWA by working on all four pillars of leakage management: 1) Pressure management, 2) Active leakage control, 3) Pipeline management & rehabilitation and 4) Speed & quality of repairs.

The intensive data collection which includes individual customer monitoring and data collection of demand, backflow, temperature and other parameters on a 1-hour basis will, together with even more detailed measurements from the network allow for “big data” analysis which is expected to generate new groundbreaking knowledge.