During 2017 noise loggers are implemented across the four demonstration areas. When completed, the demonstration areas will be covered with 400 permanently deployed loggers which enable wireless reporting of possible leaks based on sound detection.

The highly sensitive noise loggers record the sounds in pipes at night. They transmit the collected data to the internet via radio signals, typically using GPRS/SMS mobile network services. The next morning, users can view their leaksituation at a glance via the internet.

During the implementation of noise loggers the LEAKman partners Leif Koch and AVK encountered challenges regarding the design of existing valves. Often the valve cover would leave no room for the noise logger, and while typically made of cast iron the valve cover itself would result in poor signal strength for the radio signals of the logger.

A solution – design of new valve covers that match the noise loggers – was developed. The new valve covers have room for a noise logger and are made of composite material and therefore permeable for transmitting the radio signals. The redesigned valve covers made implementation of the loggers a lot easier and improved the signal and lifetime of batteries.