In the demonstration areas designated by the utility companies HOFOR and Novafos, technicians at NIRAS and the technology providers are now working to establish seamless and generic interfaces between components and systems – all of which supplied by one of the nine LEAKman partners.

The integrated leakage management solution supplied by the LEAKman partnership includes installation and use of intelligent valves, pumps, noise loggers, smart meters, smart inspections, SCADA, online hydraulic modelling, GIS and a holistic management information system configured for automated calculation and reporting of selected key performance indicators.

Even though many of these components are already in use at the two water utilities, they are often installed as part of separate projects with only little or inefficient interface in between the different components. At this early state of the project interfaces are adjusted and developed in order to enhance seamless data collection and exchange and to support the desired calculation of key performance indicators (KPI).