Among multiple speakers Ole Skytte, one of the Leakman partners, did a presentation at the The 8th Global Leakage Summit 2016 in September.

Ole Skytte is the Distribution System Manager at HOFOR – a Danish water utility – who has conducted an exclusive speaker interview with the Global leakage team, highlighting how HOFOR managed to reduce leakage to a world record level.

Read the highlights from the interview here:

Q. Copenhagen has ‘a unique story’ to tell – it has just been named as one of the top three cities in Europe for sustainable water management. In what ways did HOFOR – as the water provider – contribute to this achievement?

There are three important factors concerning sustainable water management: The resilience of the water system, the efficiency of the water use, the quality of its water. All three factors have high priority in Copenhagen and will be explained during my presentation of the Global Leakage Summit “

Other questions :
Q. HOFOR has one of the lowest daily rates of customer water consumption in the world – 100 litres per person per day (UK is 140 l/p/d). What conservation measures and customer incentives did you put in place to achieve this?

Q. Do customers play a part in reducing non-revenue water (NRW), for example by identifying leaks and illegal connections? How significant are commercial losses (meter under-registration and theft) as a proportion of total volume water loss?

Q.HOFOR has reduced leakage to a world record level – stated as being between 6% and 8% of water supplied to the network. But we know that expressing leakage in this way can be misleading – does HOFOR use other performance indicators for making comparisons between Danish and international water utilities?